We still need your help in identifying a man whose portriat hangs in the Meredith Public Library. Remember! You could win a $25 gift certificate as donated by Paul from Waukewan Antiques.
These images provide a great shot of the jeweled pin that is in his tie. Could this be the key to identifying him?

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The Meredith Public Library has posted a blog post updating all of us with the progress of solving an identity. Remember! If you can confirm this man's identity you could win a $25 gift certificate to Waukewan Antiques as donated by Paul himself. 
We have donated a $25 gift certificate to our store to anyone who can help the Meredith Public Library identify a man in one of their photographic portraits. Can you tell us who this is? For more information and another shot of the photograph, click here to go to the library's facebook page! Help us uncover our local history. If you would like to contact the library their phone number is (603) 279-4303.
Image from Laconia Daily Sun, August 29.
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